Letter to the editor

Letter: Does civil discourse still exist?


I was amused by the word you used in your recent headline to describe the actions by "constituents" at a town hall with Cory Gardner - "chided." No, it was more that the screamers stole his, and very many of his real contituents'  FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO FREE SPEECH!  No wonder he seldom appears. If I had to face a SHRIEKING MOB - excuse my caps - I would appear much less frequently than he does. I congratulate his courage in standing up, and good for those who outwaited the spoiled brats who were shouting and disturbing a peaceful conversation. What has happened to civil discourse? Is there such a thing?

Read the First Amendment, people, and let us start there. Or read and apply the column by Michael Norton in the same issue and take his wisdom, kindness and openness to someone else's ideas to the next town hall meeting.

Mary Ann McCoy

Lone Tree

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